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Would you like to discover hundreds of canalside properties on the market right now? For just £5 a month, I’ll email you all the canalside homes I can find, typically over 350 properties in each list! What’s more, you’ll hear about them first – several days before I add them to my Canalside Homes Facebook group.

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My brilliant Facebook group, Canalside Homes, is perfect if you’re just browsing. It’s a lovely clean feed, without distractions. I share the same canalside properties there as you’ll find on my mailing list, but they’re always posted a few days after the members’ lists are published.

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Why me?

I’ve had a long love affair with canals ever since I went to the Netherlands at the age of 6, and on a trip on the Regent’s Canal when I was 11. Canals must be in my blood as my 4x great grandfather Richard Tedstall was a boatbuilder in Wolverhampton in the 1840s. Over the years I have owned three narrowboats and a canalside caravan. I now live beside Glascote Locks in Tamworth and I volunteer for the CRT’s local Towpath Taskforce. In my spare time I enjoy genealogy and I write history books, so I often research the history of my clients’ houses. I’ve also written a popular Narrowboat Log Book, and my husband Mike has published two canal themed murder mysteries (all available on Amazon).

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I’m an estate agent too

but I’m a bit different from your average estate agent. I first joined the industry back in the 1980s, and I never lost my passion for property. I launched my little agency specialising in the sale of canalside homes in 2021. I have no office and no staff, and I deliberately keep my portfolio small, so I can give my clients my undivided attention. I can frequently be found chatting to them on WhatsApp out of office hours. I enjoy genealogy and writing history books, so I like to research the history of the houses I sell.

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