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What my free property consultation includes

  • A professional appraisal of the value of your home for marketing purposes.
  • A thorough survey of local prices with a printed report and an interactive online report.
  • Advice on preparing for the sale.
  • Advice on presenting your property for the best results.
  • Your questions answered.

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You may also like to read my advice on Preparing for a Valuation. and my policy for Valuations during the Covid Pandemic.

Did you do an Online Valuation?

Please bear in mind that although online valuations are very clever, their algorithms cannot see the full picture.

  • They can’t see inside your house.
  • They can’t tell what you’ve invested in home improvements.
  • Computers don’t understand emotional appeal.
  • They don’t see how the view or local environment has changed since you bought the property, for better or worse!
  • They don’t recognise the value of unique features such as moorings.
  • They don’t know the reasons for historic low prices, e.g. you bought from a relative, or the property was derelict.
  • They can’t see damage or dilapidations.

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